These are the common questions we are getting from our clients, we are always working on updating this list


There are several methods for ear lifting, i will show you one that i am using for my dogs. Materials required for this are styrodur and medical tapes to fix the bandages.

Make sure when planting the styrodur into ear to find balance, styrodur shouldn't go to deep but also not to shallow to prevent clipping out of dog ear.

Because ear naturally tend to bend in particular direction, when you apply medical tape make sure that you follow same direction.

When you are finished with fixation ear should look like same as it shown on image.

We are continuing fixation by dragging the vertical bar over the ear tip to the bottom.

Once the process is finished it should look like it's shown on image.

Make sure that you fix top ear part with another piece of medical tape.

Same process should be repeated on 2nd and finally fix the both ear with medical tape so that they standing in parallel position as it's displayed on image bellow. Try to keep ears in as vertical position as possible.

When whole process finished it should look as it displayed on image below.




This process should be repeated every 7 days, just make sure that you leave ears free for several hours after you take off old fixators to let blood circulate through that fixated zone. In case that fixation drops for some reason, make sure you immediately make new fixation keeping old position.